Web Workbench

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    The Web Workbench is not really a modelling workbench, but provides a web browser window within FreeCAD.

    From this browser you are able to navigate the web, click on links, read the online documentation, and log into websites (cookies are supported). The Web Workbench is also a base for developing web-related tools in FreeCAD. The browser window is based on the QtWebEngine, and provides standard navigation buttons such as stop, reload, previous and next page, and zoom in and out.


    The Web Workbench offers the following tools:

    • Web BrowserSetURL.svg Set URL: Changes the URL of the active Web tab.
    • Web BrowserZoomIn.svg Zoom in: Zooms in on the current web page.
    • Web BrowserZoomOut.svg Zoom out: Zooms out on the current web page.