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This is the list of test apps as of 0.15 Git 4207:

FreeCAD kommer med ett extensivt testramverk. Testerna baseras på ett set med Pythonskript som finns i testmodulen.

You can run the tests from the command line, by using the -t or --run-test options.

Run all tests:

freecad --run-test 0

Run only some the specified unit test, for example:

freecad -t TestDraft

Test menu

Each top level directory in FreeCAD should have a file with the tests that can be run for that particular workbench or module. The file usually starts with the word Test.

To run a test from within FreeCAD, switch to the Test Workbench, then Test commands → TestToolsGui → Self test → Select test name, then enter the name of the Python file with the tests; for example, for the Draft Workbench, this would be TestDraft, then press Start.

Test functions

This is the list of test apps as of 0.15 git 4207:


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Path workbench test cases:

  • depthTestCases:
  • PathTestUtils:
  • TestDressupDogbone: Test functionality of Dogbone dressup.
  • TestHoldingTags: Test functionality of Holding Tags dressup.
  • TestPathAdaptive: Test selection capability of Adaptive operation.
  • TestPathCore: Test core functionality of Path workbench.
  • TestPathDeburr: Test general functionality of Deburr operation.
  • TestPathGeom: Test various functions available in the PathGeom module.
  • TestPathHelix: Test general functionality of Helix operation.
  • TestPathLog: Test various functions available in the PathLog debugging and feedback module.
  • TestPathOpTools:
  • TestPathPreferences: Test various functions available in the PathPreferences module.
  • TestPathPropertyBag:
  • TestPathSetupSheet:
  • TestPathStock:
  • TestPathThreadMilling:
  • TestPathTool:
  • TestPathToolBit:
  • TestPathToolController:
  • TestPathTooltable:
  • TestPathUtil: Test various functions available in the PathUtil module.
  • TestPathVcarve: Test general functionality of Vcarve operation.
  • TestPathVoronoi:


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See also: FreeCAD Scripting Basics.

Example 1

Within the Python Console of FreeCAD, the following code format may be used to run built-in tests. Replace the red "TestFem" text in the code below with the desired module test name.

  • For example, use "TestPathApp" to run all unit tests for the Path workbench unit test framework.
  • Submodules are available using dot notation, like "TestPathApp.TestPathAdaptive" to only run the Adaptive unit tests within the greater Path workbench test framework.
  • Multiple test modules or submodules may be combined by adding another `suite.addTest(...)` method call just like the one in the code below, but with a different module or submodule reference.
  • Output for the code below will be in the Report View panel within the FreeCAD GUI.
  • Code source is copied from post by FreeCAD forum user, sgrogan, in the unit tests per python topic, with credit there given to forum user, wmayer.
import unittest
suite = unittest.TestSuite()
r = unittest.TextTestRunner()

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