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The TechDraw Workbench is used to produce basic technical drawings from 3D models created with another workbench such as Part, PartDesign, or BIM, or imported from other applications. Each drawing is a Page, which can contain various Views of drawable objects such as Part::Features, PartDesign::Bodies, App::Part groups, and Document Object groups. The resulting drawings can be used for things like documentation, manufacturing instructions, contracts, permits, etc.

Dimensions, sections, hatched areas, annotations, and SVG symbols can be added to the page, which can be further exported to different formats like DXF, SVG, and PDF.

If your primary goal is the production of complex 2D drawings and DXF files, and you don't need 3D modelling, FreeCAD may not be the right choice for you. You may wish to consider a dedicated software program for technical drafting instead, such as LibreCAD or QCad.


These are tools for creating Page objects.


These are tools for creating View objects.

  • Insert Section Views:


These are tools for changing the stacking order which controls the apparent depth of views on a page.

  • Adjust Stacking Order:


These are tools to decorate pages or views:


These are tools for creating and working with Dimension objects.

Linear dimensions can be based on two points, on one line, or on two lines.

  • Insert Extent Dimensions:


The annotation tools are for "marking up" a drawing with additional information.

  • Add Cosmetic Vertices:
  • Add Centerlines:


These are tools to improve your TechDraw drawings.

Attributes and modifications

  • Change Length of Cosmetic Lines or Centerlines:
  • Align Dimensions:
  • Evenly Space Dimensions:

Centerlines and threading

  • Add Centerlines:
  • Add Cosmetic Threads:
  • Add Vertexes:
  • Add Cosmetic Circles or Arcs:
  • Add Cosmetic Parallel or Perpendicular Lines:


  • Create Chain Dimensions:
  • Create Coordinate Dimensions:
  • Create Chamfer Dimensions:
  • Insert Prefix:
  • Change Decimal Places:


These are tools for exporting pages to other applications.

Additional features

Obsolete tools

  • Move View: moves a view and its dependents to a different page. Not available in version 1.0 and above.


  • Preferences: preferences for the default values of the drawing page such as projection angle, colors, text sizes, and line styles.


The TechDraw tools can be used in macros and from the Python console. For more information see:


  • Do not cut, copy and paste TechDraw objects in the Tree view as this generally does not work out well.
  • Do not drag TechDraw objects in the Tree view with the mouse.


A "few" added lines of code result in a tool like the Macro TemplateHelper.

Video tutorials by sliptonic


Do you want to know about the future of the TechDraw Workbench? Visit the TechDraw Roadmap Page to learn more.