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Панель задач отображается во вкладке Задачи Комбо панели и является одной из важных панелей интерфейса. Это изменяемая область, которая в зависимости от активного в данный момент верстака и инструмента может содержать любые графические элементы управления, такие как окна, таблицы, поля ввода, различные элементы выбора, поля ввода, кнопки, изображения и др.

FreeCAD Combo view Task panel ru.png

Панель задач с различными командами, если активен верстак PartDesign и выбран эскиз.

Работа с панелью задач

A task panel normally opens when a tool that requires user input is activated, either by pressing a toolbar button or double clicking on an object. If the tool doesn't need user input, it will produce its result or terminate, but won't display a task panel.

The user input may be anything such as text, 3D point coordinates, elements from a list, faces from a shape, or options to modify the way the tool operates.

FreeCAD Combo view Task panel Sketcher.png

Task panel that opens when a Sketch is being edited. Various types of information are presented like solver messages, grid options, constraints, and geometrical elements.

There are many commands that require selection of shapes or objects present in the document; for such cases the task panel will wait for the user to select the appropriate objects from the tree view or the 3D view. When a task panel is open, it is possible to switch to the Model tab to display the tree view to choose an object; once this is done, it is possible to switch back to the Tasks tab to proceed with the command. The task panel is usually closed by clicking an OK or a Close button, or pressing the Esc key on the keyboard to abort the command.

FreeCAD Combo view Task panel ArchComponent.png

Task panel that opens when editing an Arch Component. The panel waits for the user to select objects that can be added or subtracted from the component.

Note: Please notice that switching from the Tasks tab to the Model tab does not terminate the active command; the task will still be running in the background. The user is responsible for properly terminating or aborting the active command before starting a different task; leaving a task running may produce errors when trying to launch other tools.


  • Users migrating from other CAD solutions that use the ESC key as part of their workflow may get different results in FreeCAD. When ESC is pressed in FC if the task panel is in focus will auto-exit the task panel. To disable this functionality, please see Escape Key.

Написание скриптов

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See forum thread Call that a Task Dialog widget can use to close the Task View. It can be closed with "this->close()", but that only closes the lower part of the view, not that view itself.

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