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Part CheckGeometry‏‎

Menu location
Part → Check geometry
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The Part CheckGeometry tool runs a verification and reports if geometry is a valid solid. The tool checks if the Boundary representation (BRep or B-rep) of the model is valid.


  1. Select a part (beware to select the whole part and not just a face to check for valid solid)
  2. Invoke the tool by either:
    • Clicking on the CheckGeometry button available in the Part workbench toolbar.
    • Using the Part → Check geometry entry from the top menu.
  3. The Settings task panel opens, unless Skip settings page is enabled. See Options for more information. Click Run check.

Results will be reported in the Task panel. If the check produced errors: click in the report on a specific error message and the corresponding geometric object (edge, face, etc.) will be highlighted in the 3D view.


Skip settings page

If ticked, subsequent invocations of the tool skip showing the Settings task panel.

Run BOP check

If ticked, additionally a Boolean OPerations (BOP) check is performed.

Log errors

If ticked, any errors found are also logged in the report view.

Shape Content

In addition to detecting potential geometry errors, this tool shows a range of properties regarding the selected object:

  • Checked object
  • Shape type
  • Number of geometric entities: vertices, edges, wires, faces, shells, solids, compsolids, compounds, total shapes
  • Geometric and mass properties:
    • Area
    • Volume
    • Mass
    • Length
    • Center of mass
    • Orientation
    • Symmetry axis
    • Symmetry point
    • Moments
    • First axis of inertia
    • Second axis of inertia
    • Third axis of inertia
    • Radius of gyration
    • Global placement


  • App Link objects linked to the appropriate object types and App Part containers with the appropriate visible objects inside can also be checked using this tool. For App Links the shape of the linked object is checked. For App Part containers the visible objects within are checked as compounds. introduced in version 0.20
  • FreeCAD has no methods to automatically repair geometry. If faults are detected the steps involved to create the model need to be examined and fixed manually.