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FreeCAD is a community project, created and maintained by individual persons motivated mainly by their wish to create a powerful, free and open-source CAD platform. There is currently no formal association or organization behind the FreeCAD project. Decisions are usually taken by consensus, but more generally, thanks to the very modular nature of FreeCAD, anybody is free to work in the direction they find best. Anybody is always welcome to participate and help the project, and participate to the community that gathers on the forum provided they respect the code of conduct.


The general management of FreeCAD is organized by the FreeCAD administrators: jriegel, wmayer, yorik, kkremitzki, jmaustpc. Code contributions to FreeCAD are managed by the administrators plus a team of core developers: bernd, chrisb, sliptonic, abdullah, sgrogan, wandererfan, ickby, DeepSOIC. Anyone is welcome to help the reviewing process. Moderators take care of most other aspects of the project and maintain the community in shape.

FreeCAD Software


Module Maintainer
FreeCAD core wmayer
Arch yorik
Draft yorik
FEM bernd
Image wmayer
Mesh wmayer
Part wmayer
Path sliptonic
Sketcher abdullah
TechDraw wandererfan

File formats


Packaging on different repositories is usually on a volunteer basis. So some names in this chart may not be accurate.

0.17 0.18 0.19 0.20_pre
Arch (AUR) AUR AppImage link

Software translation

The following table shows who does what in the FreeCAD universe...

FreeCAD software
Modules FreeCAD base Part Mesh Sketcher + PartDesign Draft (Production) Drawing Arch
jriegel, wmayer wmayer wmayer jriegel, logari81, mrlukeparry, wmayer, jrheinlaender yorik jriegel yorik
Robot Simulation Splash Start CNC G-Code Family-Design Table Fold-Flat (Sheet-Metal) Assembly
yorik danielfalck Jacques-Antoine Gaudin, Carlton Corbitt PE jriegel, ickby
Units Material Properties Bill of Materials Mold Tooling ANSI/ISO/DIN Part Library FEM-FEA Undo Button
Emagdalena Emagdalena
File formats FcStd Obj Step + Iges Dxf IFC STL PDF
jriegel, wmayer wmayer jriegel, wmayer yorik, danielfalck yorik
SAT - ACIS postscript
need vol
Compiled Binary Linux Deb Ubuntu Linux Fedora Linux OpenSUSE MS Windows Apple Mac BSD / Unix Android
wmayer,normandc jriegel
Package Maintainers
(stable) Debian Ubuntu OpenSUSE Arch Fedora Gentoo
Florian Pritz 'bluewind' (repo)
(experimental) Debian Ubuntu OpenSUSE Arch Fedora Gentoo
drhooves (repo) PrzemoF (repo)
FreeCAD Translation
Language Chinese Dutch French German Polish Portuguese Spanish Arabic
yorik yorik, normandc kwahoo yorik Emagdalena
Petar pperisin
FreeCAD Documentation
Documentation wiki Forum Mailing List YouTube Tutorial Writer Manual Organization Chart
yorik,normandc, Emagdalena, Jdurston kwahooo, Jdurston kwahooo Emagdalena Carlton Corbitt PE
FreeCAD Publicity
Publicity Twitter Laconica Google+ BlogSpot Facebook Webpage Development Server & Domain Donation Account
Emagdalena, Jdurston kwahooo, yorik, Emagdalena , Jdurston kwahooo yorik,Emagdalena yorik

Volunteers to help can post on the Org Chart Thread on the forum.