Mesh Decimating

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Mesh Decimating.svg Mesh Decimating

Menu location
Meshes → Decimation...
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The Mesh Decimating command reduces the number of faces in mesh objects.


  1. Select one or more mesh objects.
  2. There are several ways to invoke the command:
    • Press the Mesh Decimating.svg Mesh Decimating button.
    • Select the Meshes → Mesh Decimating.svg Decimation... option from the menu.
  3. The Decimating task panel opens.
  4. Specify the Reduction:
    • If only one mesh object has been selected and you choose the Absolute number option:
      • Move the slider or enter a number to specify an absolute number of faces.
    • In other cases:
      • Move the slider or enter a number to specify a percentage of faces.
      • Specify the tolerance.
  5. Press the OK button to finish the command.