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Macro Joint

Make joints of various types, including mortise/tenon, box joints, dovetail joints, and various snap joints

Macro version: 0.2022.12.21
Last modified: 2022-12-21
FreeCAD version: Python 3 versions
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Author: TheMarkster
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This macro is used to create joints of various types, including mortise and tenon joints, box joints, dovetail joints, finger joints (using dovetail type), and a few snap joints, including cantilever, annular, ball, and split types.

The macro works in Part Design Workbench, but also with solids created in any other workbench.

Full documentation can be found on github: Joint.


  1. Select a face.
  2. Run the macro.
  3. The Joint type dialog opens.
  4. Select a joint type from the dropdown list.
  5. Press the OK button.
  6. A parametric joint object is created.
  7. Optionally change the properties of the joint object.

Macro Joint screenshot -- a few of the joint types that can be made‎


Temporary code for external macro link. Do not use this code. This code is used exclusively by Addon Manager. Link for optional manual installation: Macro

# This code is copied instead of the original macro code
# to guide the user to the online download page.
# Use it if the code of the macro is larger than 64 KB and cannot be included in the wiki
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from PySide import QtGui, QtCore

diag = QtGui.QMessageBox(QtGui.QMessageBox.Information,
    "This macro must be downloaded from this link\n"
    "" + "\n"
    "Quit this window to access the download page")


import webbrowser"")

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