Drawing Landscape A3

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Drawing Landscape A3

Menu location
Drawing → Insert new drawing → A3 Landscape
Drawing, Complete
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This tool creates a new drawing sheet from already installed templates. Currently, even though the menu and the toolbar allow for A0 to A4 landscape formats, only an A3 Landscape template is available.

A Page object will be added to the Project tree, taking the form of a folder icon. Views that will be created afterward will be placed underneath this folder.

To open the Drawing viewer to display the page, simply double-click on the Page object, or right-click → Show drawing. The page will be opened in a new tab. You can close the tab and open it again at any time the same way.

If the page does not display, click on the refresh icon in the main toolbar, or go to Edit → Refresh menu, or shortcut CTRL+R.


  • The template used by a Page can be changed through its Template property in Data view. Click on the value field, then on the "..." button and navigate to a suitable template. Then refresh the view.