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Detta område är huvudhjälpsområdet för nykomlingar till FreeCAD.

Notera att dessa sidor är i ett tidigt utvecklingsstadie. För tillfället finns det fortfarande inte mycket dokumentation för slutanvändaren, eftersom FreeCAD själv är i ett tidigt utvecklingsstadium, och saknar för tillfället många intressanta verktyg för slutanvändaren.

If you'd like to contribute to FreeCAD, please donate, and see the Help FreeCAD page for other ways to contribute. If you'd like to edit this wiki, request a wiki account with editor permissions in the forum, and read the WikiPages for the general guidelines that you should follow.

If you would like to know how FreeCAD started years ago visit the History page.

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Migrating from other software?



Workbenches are collections of tools used for specific tasks. These are the base workbenches bundled with every FreeCAD installation:

  • Standard tools. These commands and tools are present in all workbenches.
  • The FEM Workbench provides Finite Element Analysis (FEA) workflow.
  • The Inspection Workbench is made to give you specific tools for examination of shapes. Still in the early stages of development.
  • The Part Workbench for working with geometric primitives and boolean operations.
  • The Reverse Engineering Workbench is intended to provide specific tools to convert shapes/solids/meshes into parametric FreeCAD-compatible features.
  • The Start Workbench allows you to quickly jump to one of the most common workbenches.


Macros are relatively small snippets of Python code that perform a simple or a complex task that is not available in the base FreeCAD system.

Power users have written various macros to enhance FreeCAD with more capabilities.

Since FreeCAD 0.17, many macros can be installed using the Addon Manager. For a list of the macros refer to the Macros recipes page. For manual installation see How to install macros.

External workbenches

When many macros or functions are developed together, and are organized in toolbars and menus, they can become a new workbench.

External workbenches are collections of functions that are not part of the base FreeCAD system, usually developed by experienced users, and targeting a particular need.

Since FreeCAD 0.17, many workbenches can be installed using the Addon Manager. For manual installation see How to install additional workbenches.


Online Hjälp

Detta är den officiella FreeCAD online hjälpen. Notera att hela online hjälp systemet för närvarande omarbetas. Det kommer att användas till att generera en .CHM fil, som kommer att distribueras med FreeCADs binärpaket. För tillfället så summerar online hjälpen en del av de mest kompletta sektionerna i denna wiki.