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Mark Stephen (AKA, FreeCAD Forum Member and Wiki contributor quick61)

United States, born in one of the several States of the union, spent most of my profesional life as an electronics technician and industrial craftsman. Currently semi-retired, I volunteer my time to the FreeCAD project. Not being a programmer by any stretch of the imagination, I try to contribute where I can in the forums helping out new users, testing development code, contributing to this Wiki when I can, and passively promoting FreeCAD when and where I can.

I had looked at FreeCAD back in versions 0.11 and 0.12, and not getting much from those releases, kind of set it aside. That all changed when version 0.13 came out and 0.14 was in early development. Everything started clicking and from that point froward, FreeCAD has taken it's place front and center for all my 3D modeling needs.

Passive Promotion of FreeCAD

What I call "passive promotion" is taking the opportunity, when presented, to make mention or post work done in FreeCAD on other forums that I belong to. Just a posting of a screenshot of a model relevant to the topic on the forum will bring questions of "what CAD program is that" or "what did you use to model that". These questions then open the door to provide FreeCAD links and offer a quick word or two about FreeCAD, what it is and what it isn't. This will often lead to a new user joining the ranks and one never knows when one of those new members might turn out to be a well accomplished programmer that will end up contributing ground breaking code to the FreeCAD project. So be kind, be polite, and go forth with you version of Passive Promotion!


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