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FreeCAD is Fun !
...To contribute that an open source program is put alongside the established huge program manufacturers (such as: Dassault Systèmes, Autodesk, Inc., ptc, etc.).
To extend the functionality, to enlarge the field of application, to enlarge the user base, to constantly improve FreeCAD...

Features I'd like to see

I will hope that sometimes the critical aspect in FC will be solved (the hardest):


I will also hope that sometimes one of the largest impediments for designing threads in FC will be eliminated:

          Wished_tools#2D drawing *Thread - PartDesign workbench. Feature Hole: correct functionality of bore depth according to ISO 6410–1 standard
          Wished_tools#2D drawing *Thread - normative correct simplified presentation of cross section in Techdraw according to ISO 6410–1 standard