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    Hello, my name's Kurt Kremitzki. I first encountered FreeCAD around 2012, which was my "fully switched to Linux" year. I was planning on going back to school for biosystems engineering, and wanted a capable, free-software CAD. At the time, it was still quite rough around the edges, so I only rarely used it, but kept following community developments.

    Eventually, FreeCAD kept getting more refined until, by the time I was a junior, I decided to buckle down and join the FreeCAD community. Since then, I've taken on a sort of devops role, handling systems administration of the project and also working on Debian packaging for the project. I also work on the Debian Science Team to package other useful engineering software; by improving things at the source, Debian and its derivatives like Ubuntu and Linux Mint will become even better for engineers and engineering students around the world!

    My long-term plan is become a FreeCAD core developer, although for now I have lots of general ecosystem improvements in the works. If you find this work useful and would like to support me, please head over to My Patreon!

    Besides the FreeCAD forums, you can also find me at Twitter.