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My name is Jozef Kundlák, I am an avid translator (mostly English to Slovak, but also Czech and German here and there), Computer power user (since the ZX Spectrum days), amateur musician and singer, Board Game player (and translator). I live in Slovakia, near its capital Bratislava.

I found FreeCAD in October 2021 following my increasing interest in 3D Printing. Its Open-source nature, coupled with the extensive feature set, immediately grabbed my attention and seeing the ongoing Slovak translation for it being quite low so far - around 25% - I joined in and started translating. A week later I gained Wiki access (thx Admins!) and started translating here too...

Suggestions, ideas...

CarbonCopy icon suggestion


  • Sketcher CarbonCopy.svg CarbonCopy: Copies the geometry of another sketch.


  • Sketcher CarbonCopy Joe.svg CarbonCopy: Copies the geometry of another sketch.
  • Sketcher ToggleConstruction.svg Construction Mode: Toggles sketch geometry from/to construction mode. Construction geometry is shown in blue and is discarded outside of Sketch editing mode.