Le unità di misura

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This page is a translated version of the page Units and the translation is 100% complete.

Alcune letture sulle unità di misura:


# -- some examples of the FreeCAD unit translation system --
# make a shortcut for the examples
pq = FreeCAD.Units.parseQuantity

# 10 meters in internal numbers
pq('10 m')

# doing math
pq('3/8 in')

# combined stuff
pq('100 km/h')

# transfer to other units
pq('100 km/h')/tu('m/s')

# derived units (Ohm)

# or

# angles 
pq('2*pi rad') # full circle

# as gon
pq('2*pi rad') / tu('gon')

# more imperial
tu('1ft (3+7/16)in')

# or 
pq('1\' (3+7/16)"') # the ' we have to escape because of python

# trigonometry

# Using translated units as parameters, this command will create a 50.8mm x 20mm x 10mm box
b = Part.makeBox(pq('2in'), pq('2m')/100, 10)

Unità supportate

Un elenco completo di tutte le unità supportate si trova quì.

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