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The Test Framework Workbench is not really a modelling workbench, but it contains a set of Python scripts to perform different tests on the core components of FreeCAD, in order to debug problems. See also debugging.

You can run the tests from the command line, by using the -t or --run-test options.

Run all tests:

freecad --run-test 0

Run only some the specified unit test, for example:

freecad -t TestDraft

If a test does not need the GUI, it can also be executed in console mode by setting the -c or --console option in addition. This usually results in much faster startup time as the GUI is not loaded. For example:

freecad -c -t TestPartDesignApp

Test menu

Each top level directory in FreeCAD should have a file with the tests that can be run for that particular workbench or module. The file usually starts with the word Test.

To run a test from within FreeCAD, switch to the Test Workbench, then Test commands → TestToolsGui → Self test → Select test name, then enter the name of the Python file with the tests; for example, for the Draft Workbench, this would be TestDraft, then press Start.

Test functions

This is the list of test apps as of 0.15 git 4207:


Add test function


Add test function


Add test function


Add test function


Add test function


Add test function


Add test function


Add test function


Add test function


Add test function


Path workbench test cases:

  • depthTestCases:
  • PathTestUtils:
  • TestDressupDogbone: Test functionality of Dogbone dressup.
  • TestHoldingTags: Test functionality of Holding Tags dressup.
  • TestPathAdaptive: Test selection capability of Adaptive operation.
  • TestPathCore: Test core functionality of Path workbench.
  • TestPathDeburr: Test general functionality of Deburr operation.
  • TestPathGeom: Test various functions available in the PathGeom module.
  • TestPathHelix: Test general functionality of Helix operation.
  • TestPathLog: Test various functions available in the PathLog debugging and feedback module.
  • TestPathOpTools:
  • TestPathPreferences: Test various functions available in the PathPreferences module.
  • TestPathPropertyBag:
  • TestPathSetupSheet:
  • TestPathStock:
  • TestPathThreadMilling:
  • TestPathTool:
  • TestPathToolBit:
  • TestPathToolController:
  • TestPathTooltable:
  • TestPathUtil: Test various functions available in the PathUtil module.
  • TestPathVcarve: Test general functionality of Vcarve operation.
  • TestPathVoronoi:


Add test function


Add test function


Add test function


Add test function


See also: FreeCAD Scripting Basics.

Get a list of all top-level test modules


Note that the test modules returned here depend on whether a GUI available or not. I.e. when executed in console mode, various tests ending in "Gui" are missing.

Run specific tests

There are various ways of running tests using Python's unittest library. FreeCAD's test framework removes some of the boiler plate for the most common cases.

Run all tests defined in a Python module:

import Test, TestFemApp

Run all tests defined in a Python class:

import Test, femtest.app.test_solver_calculix

Example 1

Within the Python Console of FreeCAD, the following code format may be used to run built-in tests. Replace the red "TestFem" text in the code below with the desired module test name.

  • For example, use "TestPathApp" to run all unit tests for the Path workbench unit test framework.
  • Submodules are available using dot notation, like "TestPathApp.TestPathAdaptive" to only run the Adaptive unit tests within the greater Path workbench test framework.
  • Multiple test modules or submodules may be combined by adding another `suite.addTest(...)` method call just like the one in the code below, but with a different module or submodule reference.
  • Output for the code below will be in the Report View panel within the FreeCAD GUI.
  • Code source is copied from post by FreeCAD forum user, sgrogan, in the unit tests per python topic, with credit there given to forum user, wmayer.
import unittest
suite = unittest.TestSuite()
r = unittest.TextTestRunner()

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