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TechDraw WeldSymbol.svg Добавить информацию о сварке в линию-выноску

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TechDraw → Добавить информацию о сварке в линию-выноску
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Добавить Линию-выноску в Вид


The TechDraw WeldingSymbol tool adds welding specifications to an existing leader line.

TechDraw WeldingSymbol example.png

Welding specification added to a leader line


  1. Select an existing leaderline.
  2. Press the TechDraw WeldSymbol.svg Add Welding Information to Leaderline button.
  3. A task panel will open. It allows to set individual welding symbols and accompanying text to be added to the leader line.
  4. Press the OK button to exit the dialog and save the changes.
  5. After the welding symbol is created, it can be edited by double clicking the Welding Symbol in the Tree.


Weld Symbol

  • ДанныеAll Around: Shows the All Around symbol (circle) at the kink in the leader line.
  • ДанныеField Weld: Show the Field Weld symbol (flag) at the kink in the leader line.
  • ДанныеAlternate Weld: Offsets the lower symbol to indicate alternating welds.
  • ДанныеTail Text: Text to be shown at the end of the leader line.


Each individual symbol ("arrow side" and "other side") is represented by a "tile" object. A Welding Symbol has 1 or 2 tiles associated with it. Each of it has the following properties:

  • ДанныеTile Parent: The parent Weld Symbol
  • ДанныеTile Row: Row of the tile. 0 means above the line, -1 below the line. Note: If you change the row of one tile, you must also change the tile for the second side! This way you can flip the sides.
  • ДанныеTile Column: Column of the tile. At the moment it is always 0, therefore the property is not editable.
  • ДанныеSymbol File: Directory and file name of the symbol's SVG file.
  • ДанныеSymbol Included: Directory and file name of the actual included symbol SVG file. (It is a temporary directory.)
  • ДанныеLeft Text: Text to be displayed to the left of the SVG symbol.
  • ДанныеCenter Text: Text to be displayed above/below the SVG symbol.
  • ДанныеRight Text: Text to be displayed to the right of the SVG symbol.


См. так же: TechDraw API и Основы составления скриптов FreeCAD.

The WeldingSymbol tool can be used in macros and from the Python console by using the following functions:

symbolName = "DrawWeldSymbol001")
symbolType = "TechDraw::DrawWeldSymbol"
App.activeDocument().addObject(symbolType, symbolName)
App.activeDocument().DrawWeldSymbol001.Leader = myLeader
App.activeDocument().DrawWeldSymbol001.AllAround = True
App.activeDocument().DrawWeldSymbol001.FieldWeld = True
App.activeDocument().DrawWeldSymbol001.AlternatingWeld = True
App.activeDocument().DrawWeldSymbol001.TailText = "process text"

tileName = "DrawTileWeld001"
tileType = "TechDraw::DrawTileWeld"
App.activeDocument().addObject(tileType, tileName)
App.activeDocument().DrawTileWeld001.TileParent = App.activeDocument().DrawWeldSymbol001
App.activeDocument().DrawTileWeld001.TileRow = 0
App.activeDocument().DrawTileWeld001.TileColumn = 0
App.activeDocument().DrawTileWeld001.SymbolFile = fullPathToMySvgFile
App.activeDocument().DrawTileWeld001.LeftText = "left text"
App.activeDocument().DrawTileWeld001.RightText = "right text"
App.activeDocument().DrawTileWeld001.CenterText = "center text"

Svg Symbol Tiles

Individual symbols are formed by 64x64 pixel SVG files. Additional symbols can be created in an SVG program like Inkscape using one of the symbols supplied by FreeCAD as a template.

Techdraw-WeldingSymbolLayoutArrow.svg Techdraw-WeldingSymbolLayoutOther.svg

  • Individual symbols are formed by 64x64 (nominal) pixel SVG files. The tiles actually have a "border" of 4px. The border ensures that the leader line and symbol meet nicely.
  • The symbol is drawn in black on a transparent background. The stroke width is 0.5mm.
  • The leader passes below symbols for the arrow side (see image on the left) and above symbols for the "other" side (see image on the right).
  • There is no particular naming standard other than to append "Up/Down" to the arrow/other side symbols.


  • You can edit your WeldingSymbol by double clicking on it in the tree view. Double clicking in the graphics area is not yet supported.
  • There is a preference parameter for the default welding symbol directory. You can add your own symbols in a personal directory.