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Std TransformManip.svg Std TransformManip

Menu location
Right-click on an object in the tree view → Transform

Edit → Transform

Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Std Base


This tool allows you to apply rotation increments or translation increments to an object.



  1. Right-click on the object in the model tree view. For some objects the tool is also available via double-clicking the object in the model tree.
    • Press and hold the left mouse button on an axis arrow and drag to translate the object in that direction.
    • Press and hold the left mouse button on a sphere and drag to rotate the object in that axis.
    • The Increments parameters in the Task panel allow one to define the movement with precision
  2. The OK button allows you to quit the utility easily.


  • As soon as you rotate/move the object in the 3D view, changes are applied.
  • There is no Cancel button. Pressing OK only serves to exit the utility.
  • It's possible to Std Undo.svg undo changes afterwards.
  • The value boxes are for increments, not absolute values.