Std ToggleClipPlane

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Std ToggleClipPlane

Menu location
View → Clipping plane
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Part SectionCut


The Std ToggleClipPlane command temporarily hides objects and parts of objects on one side of up to three virtual planes in the active 3D view.

A clipped hollow object

The Clipping dialog box


  1. Select the View → Clipping plane option from the menu.
  2. In the Clipping dialog box do one of the following:
    • Check one or more of the Clipping X to Clipping Z checkboxes.
      • Optionally change the offset distance(s).
      • Optionally press the Flip button(s) to change the side of the clipping plane objects are hidden on.
    • Check the Clipping custom direction checkbox.
      • Optionally change the offset distance.
      • Do one of the following:
        • Press the View button to use the direction of the current view.
        • Check the Adjust to view direction checkbox for a direction that dynamically adepts to view changes.
        • Specify the direction by entering the X, Y and Z coordinates of a normal vector.
  3. Optionally change the view to inspect the model.
  4. Press the Close button to close the task panel and finish the command.


  • To clearly distinguish the interior of partially clipped objects change their ViewLighting property to 'One side'. The color of the interior side of their faces will then depend on the backlight settings: Edit → Preferences... → Display → 3D View → Backlight color - Intensity. See Preferences Editor.