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Std PrintPdf

Расположение в меню
Файл → Экспортировать Pdf
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The Std PrintPdf command is primarily intended to create PDF files from TechDraw Workbench pages, but can also be used to create a PDF from what is currently visible in the 3D view.


  1. If required activate the correct TechDraw page or change the 3D view to your liking.
  2. Select the File → Export PDF... option from the menu.
  3. Enter a filename in the dialog box.
  4. Press the Save button.


  • Нажмите Esc или кнопку Отмена, чтобы отменить выполнение команды.


  • To create a PDF from a TechDraw page you can also use the File → Export → Technical Drawing (*.svg *.dxf *.pdf) menu option. Or you can right-click the TechDraw page in the Main view area and select Export PDF from the context menu.
  • A PDF file created from the 3D view will contain a bitmap image, a screenshot.