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    Std Paste.svg Std_Paste

    Menu location
    Edit → Paste
    Default shortcut
    Introduced in version
    See also
    Copy, Duplicate Selection


    The Paste command is involved in replicating Document objects. It places the current "clipboard" contents into the current document. Objects may be copy/pasted between Documents.

    The Std Paste command pastes objects from the Clipboard into the active document.

    Cum se folosește

    1. Make the target Document active by clicking on it in the Project tab or Document window.
    2. Press the Paste icon, ctrl + V keys or use menu choices Edit → Paste.
    1. There are several ways to invoke the command:
      • Press the Std Paste.svg Std Paste button.
      • Select the Edit → Std Paste.svg Paste option from the menu.
      • Select the Std Paste.svg Paste option from the Tree view context menu. Note that this option is only available when an existing object has been selected.
      • Use the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+V.


    • FreeCAD will automatically change the internal names and, depending on the preferences, labels of objects to avoid name conflicts.
    • A spreadsheet cell alias that already exists in the spreadsheet will not be pasted.
    • When you are working in a FreeCAD text window, an input box or a spreadsheet, the standard keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V, in almost all cases, does not call the Std Paste command but uses the Paste function from the OS instead.
    • It is not possible to copy-paste native objects between FreeCAD and other applications.


    • Duplicate labels are allowed if Tools → Edit parameters... → BaseApp → Preferences → Document → DuplicateLabels is set to true. This setting can also be changed in the Preferences Editor.