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Std New

Menu location
File → New
Default shortcut
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See also
Std Open, Std Import


The Std New command creates a new empty document and makes it the active document.


  1. There are several ways to invoke the command:
    • Press the New button.
    • Select the File → New option from the menu.
    • Use the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+N.


See also: Preferences Editor.

  • By default FreeCAD start without a new document. Check the Edit → Preferences... → General → Document → Create new document at start up option to change this behavior.
  • Some document properties: author name, company name and license information, can be preset: Edit → Preferences... → General → Document → Authoring and License.


Most properties can also be changed in the dialog box of the Std ProjectInfo command.



  • DataComment (String): Any comment that may apply.
  • DataCompany (String): Company name.
  • DataCreated By (String): Author name.
  • DataCreation Date (String): Automatic date stamp (read-only).
  • DataFile Name (String): The full path of the file. Blank if the document has not been saved (read-only).
  • DataId (String): Not implemented yet.
  • DataLabel (String): The name that will appear in the Tree view. Replaced by the name of the document after reopening.
  • DataLast Modified By (String): Author name.
  • DataLast Modified Date (String): Automatic date stamp (read-only).
  • DataLicense (String): License type.
  • DataLicense URL (String): License URL.
  • Data (Hidden)Material (Map): Map with material properties.
  • Data (Hidden)Meta (Map): Map with additional meta information.
  • DataShow Hidden (Bool): If true, items that have been hidden in the Tree view will be displayed anyway. Hiding items in the tree can be useful when working on larger models.
  • DataTip (Link): Not implemented yet.
  • DataTip Name (String): Not implemented yet.
  • DataTransient Dir (String): The transient directory used for recovery data (read-only).
  • Data (Hidden)Uid (UUID): UUID of the document (read-only).
  • DataUnit System (Enumeration): The document unit system. Initial value depends on the Default unit system. introduced in version 1.0


See also: FreeCAD Scripting Basics.

To create a new document use the newDocument([name], [hidden=False]) method of the FreeCAD application. The document name must be unique, which is checked automatically. If no name is supplied, the document will be named "Untitled". If hidden=True is used, the new document won't be displayed in the GUI and no tab will appear for it.

import FreeCAD
from pathlib import Path

# The folder and filename we will use:
fld = 'D:/testfiles/'
fnm = fld + 'test.FCStd'

# Make sure fld exists:
Path(fld).mkdir(parents=True, exist_ok=True)

doc = FreeCAD.newDocument()


doc =