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Std Measure

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Tools → Measure
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Draft Dimension


The Std Measure command gives access to the Unified Measurement Facility. It replaces several previous measurement commands, providing a versatile measurement functionality.


  1. Optionally preselect the entities to be measured.
  2. Press the Std Measure button or select the Tools → Measure option from the menu.
  3. If no geometrical entities were preselected, do one of the following:
    • Select the geometrical entities while leaving the Mode as Auto so that the mode will be automatically determined based on the selection.
    • Choose the Mode other than Auto and then select the geometrical entities (clicking on them again will deselect them):
      • Distance - the shortest distance between the selected entities,
      • Distance Free - distance between two freely selected points (belonging to different entities - edges, faces),
      • Angle - angle between the selected entities,
      • Length - length of the selected edge,
      • Position - coordinates of the selected vertex,
      • Area - area of the selected face,
      • Radius - radius of the selected circular edge,
      • Center of Mass - COM of the selected edge, face or solid (only if preselected in the tree).
  4. The measurement result will be shown in the Result field and on a label displayed in the 3D view. That label will also include an icon indicating the type of measurement. The labels can be customized in the Preferences. They can be moved in the 3D view by dragging them with a cursor.
  5. Click Reset to delete the measurement or Save to keep it (saved measurements will be kept in Measurements container in the tree view).
  6. Click Close to exit the command.




  • DataFont Size (Integer): Defines the font size for the label of the saved dimension.
  • DataLine Color (Color): Defines the color of the dimension lines displayed in 3D view.
  • DataShow Delta (Bool): If true, projected distance measurements are displayed in 3D view. Available only for Distance and Distance Free measurements. Projected measurement values are also always accessible in the Measurement group of the Data property tab.
  • DataText Background Color (Color): Defines the background color of the dimension label.
  • DataText Color (Color): Defines the color of the dimension label text and symbol.