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The Std Macro Menu is one of the 7 sub-menus in the standard menu:

File     Edit     View     Tools     Macro     Windows     Help

The Macro menu provides tools related to the recording and execution of macros.


The following tools are available in this menu:

  • Std DlgMacroExecute.svg Macros...: Opens a dialog box to manage and execute macros.
  • Recent macros: shows a list of macros recently used, which can be called with a key combination, for example, Ctrl+Shift+1. This can be configured in the Preferences. introduced in version 0.19
  • Std DlgMacroExecuteDirect.svg Execute macro: Executes the macro currently in the Python editor.
  • Std MacroStartDebug.svg Debug macro: Starts a debugging session for the macro in the Python editor.