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Std LinkSelectLinkedFinal.svg Std LinkSelectLinkedFinal

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Std LinkSelectLinked, Std LinkSelectAllLinks, Std SelBack, Std SelForward


The Std LinkSelectLinkedFinal command selects the DataLinked Object, the source object, of an App Link object, a link. But if that source object is also a link its linked object is selected instead. This is repeated until the linked object is not a link. This final source object is the deepest linked object.


  1. Select a link.
  2. Select the Link actions → Std LinkSelectLinkedFinal.svg Go to deepest linked object option from the Tree view context menu.
  3. The deepest linked object is selected. If this object belongs to an external document that document is activated.
  4. Optionally use Std SelBack.svg Std SelBack to reselect the link.