Std LinkReplace (Substituir vinculo - Padrão)

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Std LinkReplace

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Std LinkMake, Std LinkMakeRelative, Std LinkUnlink


Std LinkReplace replaces an object that is inside another for an App Link version of the former.

This operation acts on the "children" of a "parent" object as seen in the tree view. For example, given two objects (A and B) that participate in a Part Boolean operation, say, C = A + B, the A object can be replaced by a Link, so that C = A_link + B.

This operation can be done to replace nested objects that are in a complex assembly for a Link, which may be more efficient if that nested object is used many times in different sub-assemblies. The inverse operation is Std LinkUnlink. To create a generic Link see Std LinkMake.


  1. Make sure you have one object that is inside another one. For example, consider that a Part Fuse was used with two previously created objects, a Part Sphere and a Part Cylinder.
  2. Select the Sphere in the tree view.
  3. Press Replace with link.

The original Sphere must now be outside the Part Fuse, and inside there must be a Link instead (a small overlay arrow is shown in the icon).

An object inside another one is replaced by a Link; the Link is now inside, and the real object is placed outside.

This can also be done with objects contained inside Std Parts and Std Groups.

An object inside a container is replaced by a Link; the Link is now inside, and the real object is placed outside.


This command creates a new App Link; its properties are described in Std LinkMake.