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Std LinkImportAll.svg Std LinkImportAll

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Std LinkMake, Std LinkMakeRelative, Std LinkImport


Std LinkImportAll.svg Std LinkImportAll imports all DataLinked Objects from Links into the current document, and then changes the attachment to point to these imported objects.

This command essentially runs Std LinkImport.svg Std LinkImport for all Links in a document.


  1. Make sure you have a "source" document with original objects, and a second "target" document with Links to those objects.
  2. Open the target document and press Std LinkImportAll.svg Import all links.

Std Link tree import all 1 example.png Std Link tree import all 2 example.png

Left: various Links that point to objects in the "source" document. Right: the original objects were imported (copied) into the "target" document, and the existing Links were changed to point to these copies, so they no longer point to objects in "source".