Std LinkImport

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Std LinkImport

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Std LinkMake, Std LinkMakeRelative, Std LinkImportAll


Std LinkImport imports the DataLinked Object from a Link into the current document, and then changes the attachment to this object.

This operation is helpful when working with assemblies in order to organize re-usable models that may be located in other documents.

Use Std LinkImportAll to import all linked objects.


  1. Make sure you have a "source" document with an original object, say, a Std Part, and a second "target" document with a Link to that object.
  2. Open the target document and select the Link to the object; its DataLinked Object should show something like source#Part.
  3. Press Import link.

A copy of the original Std Part must now be inside the current "target" document. The DataLinked Object property of the Link must now show Part, indicating that the Link no longer points to Part in "source", but to Part in the current document ("target").

Left: a Link points to the object in the "source" document. Right: the original object was imported (copied) into the "target" document, and the existing Link was changed to point to this copy, so it no longer points to the object in "source".