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The Std File Menu is one of the 7 sub-menus in the standard menu:

File     Edit     View     Tools     Macro     Windows     Help

The File menu provides tools related to file input and output.


The following tools are available in this menu:

  • Std New.svg New: Creates a new empty document.
  • Std Open.svg Open...: Opens a document or imports files.
  • Std CloseActiveWindow.svg Close: Closes the active window.
  • Std Save.svg Save: Saves the document.
  • Std SaveAs.svg Save As...: Saves the document under a new file name.
  • Std Revert.svg Revert: Reverts to the saved version of the document.
  • Std Import.svg Import...: Imports a file into the document.
  • Std Export.svg Export...: Exports object(s) from the document.
  • Std Quit.svg Exit: Quits the application.