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Std Edit.svg Std Edit

Menu location
Edit → Toggle Edit mode
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Std UserEditMode


The Std Edit command activates or deactivates an object's edit mode.


  1. If no object is in edit mode: select a single object.
  2. Select the Edit → Std Edit.svg Toggle Edit mode option from the menu.
  3. Either the default edit mode of the selected object is activated or the existing edit mode deactivated.


  • Some tools will be disabled (greyed-out) in the user interface while an object's edit mode is active.
  • Not all object types have an edit mode.
  • The functionality available in edit mode depends on the object type.
  • An object's edit mode can also be activated by double-clicking it in the Tree view. In that case the edit mode that is used can be defined with the Std UserEditMode command.


See also: FreeCAD Scripting Basics.

To activate an object's edit mode use the setEdit method of the document object. This method is not available if FreeCAD is in console mode.

import FreeCADGui


The second argument is the EditMode. The following options are available:

0 = Default
1 = Transform
2 = Cutting
3 = Color

To deactivate an object's edit mode use the resetEdit method of the document object.

import FreeCADGui