Std DemoMode

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Std DemoMode

Menu location
Tools → View turntable...
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The Std DemoMode command will continuously rotate the camera in a 3D view.

The View Turntable dialog box


  1. Select the Tools → View turntable... option from the menu.
  2. The View Turntable dialog box opens.
  3. Move the Angle slider to tilt the camera's virtual turn table.
  4. Move the Speed slider to adjust the rotation speed of the camera.
  5. Check the Fullscreen checkbox to switch the 3D view to fullscreen mode.
  6. The Enable timer option is not supported at this time.
  7. Press the Play button. The button will stay pushed in and its text will change to Stop.
  8. In fullscreen mode the dialog will disappear after ca. 5 seconds. It will reappear if the mouse is moved over the 3D view.
  9. Press the Stop button to stop the camera rotation.
  10. Optionally change settings and restart.
  11. Press the Close button to close the dialog box.