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    Std Copy.svg Std Copy

    Menu location
    Edit → Copy
    Default shortcut
    Introduced in version
    See also
    Paste, Duplicate Selection



    Comanda text-top=Std Copy copie este implicată în replicarea obiectelor Document. It places the currently selected objects into the "clipboard" for later use by the Paste command. Obiectele pot fi copiate între Documente.


    Cum se folosește

    1. Selectați Object(ul)ele de replicat.
    2. Press the Copy icon, ctrl + C keys or use menu choices Edit → Copy.


    • When you are working in a FreeCAD text window, an input box or a spreadsheet, the standard keyboard shortcut Ctrl+C, in almost all cases, does not call the Std Copy command but uses the Copy function from the OS instead.
    • It is not possible to copy-paste native objects between FreeCAD and other applications.