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Spreadsheet SetAlias.svg Spreadsheet SetAlias

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The Spreadsheet SetAlias.svg Spreadsheet SetAlias tool opens a dialog to set up an alias for a cell. Instead of using the exact cell name like A2, B3, or C4, a custom name can be used.


  1. Make sure there is an active Spreadsheet CreateSheet.svg Spreadsheet open so that the button is enabled.
  2. Select a cell.
  3. Press the Spreadsheet SetAlias.svg Spreadsheet SetAlias button.
  4. Enter an alias:
    • Only alphanumeric characters and underscores (A to Z, a to z, 0 to 9 and _) are allowed.
    • The first character must be a letter.
    • Using 1 or 2 capital letters followed by 1 to 5 numbers, for example AB123, is not allowed as this is considered a cell address.
    • Character sequences that are units are not allowed. For example W is an invalid alias as it is the unit for Watt. Since FreeCAD supports many units it is best to avoid short aliases. See Expressions.
    • Using the mathematical constants pi and e as aliases will lead to errors and should be avoided.