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Sketcher ToggleActiveConstraint.svg Sketcher ToggleActiveConstraint

Menu location
Sketch → Sketcher constraints → Activate/deactivate constraint
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Sketcher Toggle driving constraints


Sketcher ToggleActiveConstraint.svg ToggleActiveConstraint allows you to activate and deactivate an already placed constraint. This allows you to keep the constraint in the background but temporarily test another arrangement of the existing geometry.

The Sketcher ToggleDrivingConstraint.svg Toggle driving constraint tool is similar in that it disables the effect of the constraint; however, with this tool, the constraint does not keep its old value. On the other hand, with Sketcher ToggleActiveConstraint.svg ToggleActiveConstraint you can re-activate the old constraint immediately.


  1. Select an already placed constraint, then press Sketcher ToggleActiveConstraint.svg ToggleActiveConstraint.
  2. Alternatively, got to the task panel, to the Constraints section, select the constraint, then open the context menu (right-click), and select Deactivate.
  3. To activate the constraint again, select it, and press Sketcher ToggleActiveConstraint.svg ToggleActiveConstraint again.


Sketcher ToggleActiveConstraint example active.png

Fully constrained sketch.

Sketcher ToggleActiveConstraint example disabled 1.png Sketcher ToggleActiveConstraint example disabled 2.png

Left: deactivated constraint; the sketch is no longer fully constrained. Right: the unconstrained geometry can be moved around; the older constraint is still available, and can be re-activated to return to the fully constrained sketch.

Sketcher ToggleActiveConstraint task panel.png

Task panel with the deactivated constraint.


See also: FreeCAD Scripting Basics.

The active status of a constraint can be controlled in macros and from the Python console.


Use the toggleActive method of an existing Sketcher SketchObject, and the index of the constraint to activate it or deactivate it. The index starts from 0 all the way to N-1, where N is the total number of constraints.


import FreeCAD as App

sketch = App.ActiveDocument.Sketch