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Sketcher Split.svg Sketcher Split

Menu location
Sketch → Sketcher geometries → Split edge
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Sketcher Trimming


This tool allows to divide an edge into two identical ones, while most of the constraints are duplicated, so both parts remain constrained apart from split point position. For a special case of a circle, this is converted to an loose ends arc with existing circle constraints being transferred to the new arc.

SketcherSplitExample1.png SketcherSplitExample2.png SketcherSplitExample3.png


  1. Press the Sketcher Split.svg Split edge button. The mouse pointer turns into a white cross with a red split symbol.
  2. Click on the edge in the place where you want to split it.
  3. From the line and arc edges, two new will be created, connected at the point clicked. A circle is converted to an arc with the very same center point and other constraints the original circle had.
  4. Pressing Esc or pressing the right mouse button will terminate the function.


  • For ellipse, parabola, hyperbola and B-splines the action is not yet supported.


  • All coincidences are transferred - start point, end point and center point (if applicable).
  • Point on object constraint is transferred to the closer newly created edge.
  • Vertical and horizontal constraints are copied to both offsprings.
  • Parallel and perpendicular constraints are copied for both line segments, for arc only once, to the closer part.
  • Equality constraint is transferred only for resulting arc edges, line segments do not receive it.
  • Symmetry constraint is currently not transferred.
  • Block constraint is currently not transferred.
  • Horizontal, vertical and length constraints between points are transferred to the outer points of the new edges.
  • Point distance constraint is assigned only once, to the closer edge segment.
  • Radius and diameter constraints are copied to any resulting arc.
  • Angle constraint is currently not transferred