Sketcher: Matrice Dreptunghiulară (de repetabilitate)

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Sketcher RectangularArray

Menu location
Sketch → Sketcher tools → Rectangular Array
Sketcher, PartDesign
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Creează o matrice de repetabilitate a unor elemente selectate ale schiței.


  1. Selectați elemet(ul)ele sketcher în Tasks-Panel sau Vizualizarea 3D.
  2. Click pe sau selectați Sketch Sketcher tools RectangularArray din meniul principal.
  3. Un meniu contextual vă va întreba asupra diferitelor opțiuni ale suprafeței
  4. Selectați endpoint pentru operația în vizualizarea 3D.

Opțiuni pentru Array


Rectangular array has the following options:

  • Colums: The number of columns for the array.
  • Rows: The number of rows for the array.
  • Equal vertical/horizontal spacing: If the vertical distance between the array elements should be the same as the horizontal distance.
  • Constrain inter-element separation: When this is checked, the distance between the array elements will be constrained.
    If you for example only know that you need a 23 x 15 mm array, use this option to later be able to change these constraints to the dimensions you need.
  • Clone: If selected, dimensional constraints are replaced by geometric constraints in the copies, so that any change in the original element is also reflected in the copies.