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Sketcher CreatePolyline

Menu location
Sketch → Sketcher geometries → Create polyline
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Sketcher Line


The Sketcher CreatePolyline tool creates a series of line and arc segments connected by their endpoints. The tool has several modes.

Polyline started with a line, a tangent arc, a perpendicular arc then a tangent line.


See also: Drawing aids.

  1. There are several ways to invoke the tool:
    • Press the Create polyline button.
    • Select the Sketcher → Sketcher geometries → Create polyline option from the menu.
    • Right-click in the 3D view and select the Create polyline option from the context menu.
    • Use the keyboard shortcut: G then M.
  2. The cursor changes to a white cross with the tool icon.
  3. A polyline always starts with a straight line segment: pick two points to define this segment.
  4. Optionally press the M key one or more times to cycle through the modes for the next segment. The available modes are:
    • Line perpendicular to the previous segment.
    • Line tangential to the previous segment.
    • Arc tangential to the previous segment.
    • Arc perpendicular (left) to the previous segment.
    • Arc perpendicular (right) to the previous segment.
    • Line only connected to the previous segment. This is the initial mode again.
  5. While in any of the arc modes, optionally hold down the Ctrl key to snap the arc to increments of 45° relative to the previous segment.
  6. Pick the endpoint of the segment.
  7. Optionally repeat this to create more segments.
  8. To finish the input do one of the following:
    • Snap to the start point to create a closed polyline.
    • Right-click or press Esc to create an open polyline.
  9. The polyline segments have been created and applicable constraints have been added.
  10. If the tool runs in continue mode:
    1. Optionally keep creating polylines.
    2. To finish, right-click or press Esc, or start another constraints or geometries tool.