Sketcher MapSketch

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Sketcher MapSketch

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Part Design/Sketch → Map sketch to face...
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Sketcher, PartDesign
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Create a new sketch


The Sketcher MapSketch tool attaches a sketch to selected geometry.

Typical use cases are:

  • The sketch was created on a standard plane (XY, XZ or YZ) and you want to attach it to the face of a solid in order to build a new feature upon it.
  • The sketch was attached to a specific face of a solid but you need to attached it to a different face.
  • A broken model needs to be repaired.


  1. Select an object with a shape, or one or more vertices, edges, and/or faces, and/or a plane.
  2. There are several ways to invoke the tool:
    • Press the Attach sketch... button.
    • Select the Sketch → Attach sketch... option from the menu.
  3. The Select sketch dialog opens.
  4. Select a sketch from the dropdown list.
  5. Press the OK button.
  6. The Sketch attachment dialog opens.
  7. Select an attachment method from the dropdown list. Or select Don't attach to detach the sketch.
  8. Press the OK button.