Sketcher CreateRegularPolygon

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Sketcher CreateRegularPolygon

Menu location
Sketch → Sketcher geometries → Create regular polygon
Default shortcut
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The Sketcher CreateRegularPolygon tool creates a regular polygon.


See also: Drawing aids.

Pos-OVP = Positional On-View-Parameters. introduced in version 1.0
Dim-OVP = Dimensional On-View-Parameters. introduced in version 1.0

  1. There are several ways to invoke the tool:
    • Press the Regular polygon button.
    • Select the Sketcher → Sketcher geometries → Create regular polygon option from the menu.
    • Use the keyboard shortcut: G then P, then R.
  2. Enter the Number of Sides in the dialog that opens.
  3. The cursor changes to a cross with the tool icon.
  4. The Polygon parameters section (introduced in version 1.0) is added at the top of the Sketcher Dialog.
  5. Optionally change the number of Sides (this can also be done after picking the center):
    • Enter a number greater than two.
    • Press the U key to increase the number.
    • Press the J key to decrease the number.
  6. Pick the center of the polygon. Or with Pos-OVP: enter its X and/or Y coordinate.
  7. Pick the first point of the polygon, this also defines the radius of the circumscribed circle. Or with Dim-OVP: enter the radius of the circle and/or the angle of the first point. The angle is relative to the X axis of the sketch. No constraint is created for this angle.
  8. The polygon is created, including a circumscribed construction geometry circle, and applicable Pos-OVP and Dim-OVP based constraints are added.
  9. If the tool runs in continue mode:
    1. Optionally keep creating polygons.
    2. To finish, right-click or press Esc, or start another geometry or constraint creation tool.


  • The construction geometry circle is not visible outside the sketch. It cannot be deleted without breaking the geometry of the polygon.