Sketcher CreatePoint

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Sketcher CreatePoint

Menu location
Sketch → Sketcher geometries → Create point
Default shortcut
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The Sketcher CreatePoint tool creates a point.


See also: Drawing aids.

Pos-OVP = Positional On-View-Parameters. introduced in version 1.0

  1. There are several ways to invoke the tool:
    • Press the Create point button.
    • Select the Sketcher → Sketcher geometries → Create point option from the menu.
    • Right-click in the 3D view and select the Create point option from the context menu.
    • Use the keyboard shortcut: G then Y.
  2. The cursor changes to a cross with the tool icon.
  3. Pick a point. Or with Pos-OVP: enter its X and/or Y coordinate.
  4. The point is created and applicable Pos-OVP based constraints are added.
  5. If the tool runs in continue mode:
    1. Optionally keep creating points.
    2. To finish, right-click or press Esc, or start another geometry or constraint creation tool.


  • version 0.21 and below: Points are always created as construction geometry. Optionally change them to normal geometry with Sketcher ToggleConstruction to make them visible outside of Sketch editing mode.