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Sketcher CreateFillet

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Sketch → Sketcher geometries → Create fillet
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The Sketcher CreateFillet tool creates a fillet between two non-parallel edges. introduced in version 1.0: The tool can also create a chamfer.

introduced in version 1.0: If two straight edges connected by a Coincident constraint are filleted or chamfered, the corner point can optionally be preserved. The tool then adds a Point object that has a Point on object constraint with both edges. Constraints connected to the corner point are transferred to the new point object.


See also: Drawing aids.

  1. There are several ways to invoke the tool:
    • Press the Create fillet button.
    • Select the Sketcher → Sketcher tools → Create fillet option from the menu.
    • Right-click in the 3D view and select the Create fillet option from the context menu.
    • Use the keyboard shortcut: G then F, then F.
  2. If there is a previous selection it is cleared. The tool does not accept a pre-selection.
  3. The cursor changes to a cross with the current tool mode icon.
  4. The Fillet/Chamfer parameters section (introduced in version 1.0) is added at the top of the Sketcher Dialog.
  5. Optionally press the U key or uncheck the Preserve corner checkbox to disable that option. introduced in version 1.0
  6. Optionally press the M key or select from the dropdown list in the parameters section to change the tool mode:
    • Fillet
    • Chamfer
  7. Do one of the following:
  8. The fillet or chamfer is created, including a point object in case of a preserved corner. For a chamfer a construction geometry arc is also created.
  9. This tool always runs in continue mode: optionally keep selecting points and/or edges.
  10. To finish, right-click or press Esc, or start another geometry or constraint creation tool.


  • The construction geometry arc of a chamfer is not visible outside the sketch. It cannot be deleted without breaking the geometry of the chamfer.
  • Some (conic) curves may need to be trimmed before they can be filleted.
  • The fillet radius depends on the selection method. If a Coincident constraint connecting two straight edges is selected, the fillet radius is derived from the length of the shortest edge. If two edges are selected the radius is the distance from the first clicked point to the (extended) intersection of the edges.