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Constraint PointOnObject.svg Constraint PointOnObject

Ubicación en el Menú
Croquizador → Restricciones del Croquizador → Punto en objeto
Entornos de trabajo
Croquizador, Diseño de Piezas
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  1. Select a point and an edge in any order.
  2. There are several ways to invoke the command:
    • Press the Sketcher ConstrainPointOnObject.svg Constrain point onto object button in the toolbar.
    • Use the O keyboard shortcut.
    • Use the Sketch → Sketcher constraints → Sketcher ConstrainPointOnObject.svg Constrain point onto object entry in the top menu.


The constraint can be created from macros and from the Python console by using the following command:


  • Sketch is a sketch object.
  • LineMoving is the number that designates the line, which contains the point that has to be moved onto the LineFixed (the line which is fixed).
  • PointOfLineMoving is the number of the vertex of line LineMoving, that has to be moved onto the LineFixed.
  • LinedFixed is the number of the line to be affixed onto the point PointOfLineMoving.

The Sketcher scripting page explains how to identify the numbers that designate lines and points.