Sketcher Constrâgere Distanță

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Sketcher ConstrainDistance

Menu location
Sketch → Sketcher constraints → Constrain distance
Default shortcut
Shift + D
Introduced in version
See also
Constrain horizontal distance, Constrain vertical distance



Constrain distance constrânge lungimea unei linii, distanța perpendiculară dintre un punct și o linie sau distanța dintre două puncte pentru a avea o valoare specificată.

Cum se folosește

See also: Drawing aids.

Continue mode

  1. Selectează două puncte sau o linie sau un punct și o linie.
  2. Apăsați butonul Constrain distance .
  3. Un dialog se deschide pentru a edita și a confirma valoarea. Apăsați OK pentru a valida.

Run-once mode

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Select a single line.
    • Select two points.
    • Select a point and a line (in any order).
    • Select the edges of two circles or arcs.
    • Select the edge of a circle or arc and a line (idem).
    • introduced in version 1.0: Select the edge of a single arc.
  2. Invoke the tool as explained above.
  3. Optionally edit the constraint value.
  4. A constraint is added.



Dacă este cazul, vă rugăm să luați în considerare utilizarea constrîngerii Horizontal distance sau în loc a constrângerii Vertical distance . Aceste constrângeri sunt mai robuste și mai rapide pentru a calcula decât constrângerea de lungime documentată aici.


Distance from origin:

Sketch.addConstraint(Sketcher.Constraint('Distance', Edge, PointOfEdge, -1, 1, App.Units.Quantity('123.0 mm')))

Distance between two vertices:

Sketch.addConstraint(Sketcher.Constraint('Distance', Edge1, PointOfEdge1, Edge2, PointOfEdge2, App.Units.Quantity('123.0 mm')))

Length of line (the GUI allows selecting the edge itself, but it is just a shorthand for using the two extremities of the same line):

Sketch.addConstraint(Sketcher.Constraint('Distance', Line, 1, Line, 2, App.Units.Quantity('123.0 mm')))

Distance from point (Edge, PointOfEdge) to perpendicular point on line (Line):

Sketch.addConstraint(Sketcher.Constraint('Distance', Edge, PointOfEdge, Line, 0, App.Units.Quantity('123.0 mm')))

Distance between the edges of two circles:

Sketch.addConstraint(Sketcher.Constraint('Distance', Circle1, 0, Circle2, 0, App.Units.Quantity('123.0 mm')))

The Sketcher scripting page explains the values which can be used for Edge, Edge1, Edge2, PointOfEdge, PointOfEdge1, PointOfEdge2, Line, Circle1 and Circle2, and contains further examples on how to create constraints from Python scripts.