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Sketcher CompCreateRectangles

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Create rectangle is an icon button in the Sketcher geometries toolbar that groups tools to create rectangles. Click on the down arrow to its right to expand the icons below it and select a tool.

Types of rectangles


  1. A Mode spinbox to chose one of the modes to draw the rectangle:
    • Corner, length & width
    • Center, length & width
    • 3 corners
    • Center and two corners
  2. A Rounded corners checkbox to apply round corners to the rectangle.
  3. A Frame checkbox to add a contour with a constant offset to the (rounded) rectangle.
  • All three buttons in this selection now launch the same tool but with different preset combinations of mode and options that can still be altered after the first click.
  • If Rounded corners is enabled, the offset is inward, and the offset value is larger than the corner radius, the offset contour will be created without fillets.
  • The modes 3 corners, and Center and two corners create parallelograms rather than rectangles.