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    Create conic is an icon button in the Sketcher geometries toolbar that groups tools to create curves based on a section of a cone. Click on the down arrow to its right to expand the icons below it and select a tool.

    Types of conics

    • Sketcher CreateEllipseByCenter.svg Ellipse: Draws an ellipse by center point, major radius point and minor radius point.
    • Sketcher CreateEllipseBy3Points.svg Ellipse by 3 points: Draws an ellipse by major diameter (2 points) and minor radius point.
    • Sketcher CreateArcOfEllipse.svg Arc of ellipse: Draws an arc of ellipse by center point, major radius point, starting point and ending point.
    • Sketcher CreateArcOfHyperbola.svg Arc of hyperbola: Draws an arc of hyperbola.
    • Sketcher CreateArcOfParabola.svg Arc of parabola: Draws an arc of parabola.