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Sketcher CarbonCopy.svg Sketcher CarbonCopy

Menu location
Sketch → Sketcher geometries → Carbon copy
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The Sketcher CarbonCopy.svg Sketcher CarbonCopy tool copies all the geometry and constraints from another sketch into the active sketch.

Dimensional constraints which exist before the copy function remain linked to the original sketch's dimensional constraints through expressions.


  1. Make sure you are in the edit mode of an existing Sketcher NewSketch.svg Sketch. This sketch is the target of the operation.
  2. Press the Sketcher CarbonCopy.svg Carbon copy button.
  3. Click on an edge from another sketch. This sketch is the source of the operation.
  4. Geometry elements as well as constraints are copied into the active sketch.
  5. Press Esc or the right mouse button to terminate the operation.


  • When sketches are used in the Workbench PartDesign.svg PartDesign Workbench, normally the sketch to carbon copy should be in the same PartDesign Body.svg PartDesign Body as the currently active sketch. If the sketch to be copied is not in the active Body, the mouse pointer will not allow selection. In this case, hold Ctrl to allow selection of sketches from other Bodies.
  • Normally, the sketch to select should be in a plane that is parallel to the currently active sketch. If the sketch to be copied is not parallel to the currently active sketch, hold Ctrl+Alt to allow selection of non-parallel sketches. The object will then be adjusted to the active sketch's plane. Noteː as of this writing this needs a save and reload of the document to make it visible. This works for sketches located outside of the currently active Body as well.
  • Since carbon-copied dimensional constraints use expressions they are rendered in a different color. The color can be customized with the Preferences Editor at Edit → Preferences → Sketcher → Colors → Expression dependent constraint color.
  • If the Sketcher mode has been changed to construction mode using Sketcher ToggleConstruction.svg Toggle construction geometry all copied geometry will be created in construction mode.


  • The complete sketch is copied, it is not possible to select only a portion. However, after copying you can delete unwanted elements from the copied sketch.