Sketcher: Aumentare la molteplicità dei nodi di una BSpline

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Aumenta la molteplicità di nodo

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Sketch → Strumeti B-spline → Aumenta la molteplicità di nodo
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Crea B-spline


Aumenta la molteplicità del nodo di curva B-spline (vedere: B-spline).


  1. Selezionare un nodo di una B-spline
  2. Richiamare lo strumento usando uno di questi metodi:
    • Premere il pulsante Aumenta la molteplicità del nodo nella barra degli strumenti.
    • Usare la voce Sketch → Strumenti B-spline → Aumenta la molteplicità del nodo dal menu principale.


B-splines are basically a combination of Bézier curves (nicely explained in this and this video). The points where two Bézier pieces are connected are called knots. A knot with multiplicity m on a B-spline with degree d means the curve to the left and right of the knot has at least an equal n order derivative (called Cn continuity) where n = d - m.

In this cubic B-spline (degree 3) there are 3 segments, meaning 3 curves are connected at 2 knots. The knots have multiplicity 1.

The multiplicity is indicated by the numbers in round brackets. See Show/hide B-spline knot multiplicity.

B-spline where both knots have multiplicity 1.

A multiplicity of 3 will change this B-spline so that even the first order derivatives are not equal (C0 continuity). Here is the same B-spline where the multiplicity of the knot on the left was increased to 3:

Same B-spline with knot multiplicity 3. A control point was moved to show that the knot has C0 continuity.

A consequence of a higher multiplicity is that for the price of loosing continuity you gain local control. Meaning changing one control point will only affect the B-spline locally.

This can be seen in this example, where the B-spline with knot multiplicity 1 from the first image above was taken, and the second control point from the right was moved up. As a result the complete shape of the B-spline has changed:

After increasing the multiplicity of the knots to 2, moving the second control point from the right results in significant changes on the right side of the shape only: