Ship Workbench

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The Ship Workbench is used to create structures that are common to ships.

The Tools

Ship Design




The Ship Workbench was unmaintained since v0.17 but has been resurrected in v0.19. As of v0.19 it is also designated an external workbench, so it is no longer included in the base system. Instead it's available via the Addon Manager.



Many developers have contributed to this module development, and we want to express our gratitude to them.

  • All the FreeCAD team for the maintenance operations over all these years.
  • Jose Luis Cercós Pita as the main developer.
  • Juan Manuel Muñoz-Godin for the ship resistance prediction tools (Holtrop & Amadeo) development, as part of his Bachelor Thesis.
  • Antonio Souto-Iglesias and Jose Luis Cercos-Pita as the advisor and co-advisor of Juan Manuel Muñoz-Godin.

If you feel your name is missing on this list, please feel free to add it yourself or send me a private message.