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Here are a few screenshots showing different parts of FreeCAD. They are not ordered in any particular timeline, so the images may differ from your actual version. See more screenshots submitted by FreeCAD users on the screenshot forum thread and on the "Show your project here!" Users Showcase forum part.

The 0.17 release

The 0.16 release

The 0.15 release

The 0.14 release

A jeep modeled by psicofil

A house made with the Arch Workbench by rockn

Mesh curvature analysis by the Mesh Workbench

Export to external applications with python macros

The 0.12 release

Assembly of multiple objects

A fully-constrained sketch revolved to create a bike rim section

The 0.11 release

The 0.10 release

The 0.9 release



A screenshot showing FreeCAD importing and rendering a gCAD STEP model


With loaded Robot gripper

Robot gripper

On XP with Schenkel

Boolean operations on Shapes

Boolean operations


FreeCAD on Windows Vista, with an IGES model from Rexroth loaded


You can customize a lot of aspects of FreeCAD!

Boolean on Meshes

Mesh boolean operations in FreeCAD


Blender has an script to import FreeCAD files.

Drawing Extraction

Extracting a 3D part (STEP in this case) to a SVG Drawing Extraction View. This is fully parametric, if the part change the view follows.

FreeCAD vs. QCad

A screenshot showing how a same file gets rendered by FreeCAD and qCAD

FreeCAD vs. Inkscape

A screenshot showing how a same file gets rendered by FreeCAD and inkscape

Draft Workbench

Freecad with the draft Workbench loaded and a dxf drawing imported


The preferences screen

On Ubuntu

The FreeCAD interface when you start it for the first time, on Ubuntu

Windows installer

Windows installer at work

Console mode

FreeCAD runs in console mode (without gui)

Save picture

Dialog to save a picture with arbitrary sizes.