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Add FEM Solver
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In this tutorial we will take the Mystran solver as an example to show how to add a solver to FreeCAD. Please make sure you have read and understood Extend FEM Module before reading this tutorial. The detail of adding the Mystran Solver to FreeCAD master:

The task can be split into seven parts:

  • Mesh exporter. Write out Mesh or Case file from FreeCAD to the solver.
  • Results importer. Read the solver's result file back to FreeCAD.
  • Solver object. Needs changes in solver settings, unit tests, ObjectsFem modules as well.
  • Task and writer module. Here is where the main solver input writing happens.
  • Gui tool to create a solver.
  • Gui preference tab to set the solver binary path.
  • A solver input writing unit test. Best to take the ccx cantilever. This is available for all mesh element types.